Within the IBBT- iLAB.o case ' Spotty ' PlayOut! works on a new and innovative service, called Wadify. This product is an online streaming platform that reimburses young people for watching commercial messages: advertising movies, movie trailers, etc. With this product PlayOut! wants to introduce a new business model in the market.

For the development of its product, services and business plan, the company needs an insight on the possible technical problems, the influencing parameters and possible barriers for this innovation. Therefore PlayOut! wants to validate this new idea within a test user panel, based on its initial target group (young people between 16 to 25).

To do this they contacted IBBT-iLab.o. First step that PlayOut! will take, is question 200 young people themselves. Based on those results they want more qualitative feedback from a group of representative Lead Users who will act as 'core panel' (10 persons) and will test later on also the platform. And that’s where the research of MICT comes in. MICT will conduct the lead user research.

Duration of the project

The project runs from 06/02/2012 - 15/04/2012.

Staff involved

  • Dimitri Schuurman
  • Jeroen Stragier


  • Media Use & Experience

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