AllThingsTalk - Internet-of-Things cloud platform


AllThingsTalk wants to develop an open source Internet of Things (IoT) platform that integrates different ‘smart things’ from different manufacturers via a user-friendly interface.

Currently, IoT products (lamps, thermostats, security systems,…) are controlled with different communication protocols (Bluetooth, ZigBee, WiFi,…) and different applications. The innovation of AllThingsTalk lies in the fact that the consumer will be able to operate and manage different IoT applications via a single platform.

In a first phase, AllThingsTalk wants to bring its platform on the market in the form of Smart Living Kits (i.e. time-saving systems to be deployed in and around the home). In a later stage, extensions can be added to the platform.

Innovation Goals

In cooperation with the end-user, AllThingsTalk wants to give shape to possible use cases for the platform. Hereby, it aims to match to the needs of all stakeholders in a realistic ecosystem. By involving the end-users in an early stage of the design process, we can shape the innovation based on their needs, habits, attitudes and contextual factors.

This Living Lab research clarifies the following aspects:

  • Which user groups are most interesting to approach first?
  • What are the needs, use cases and user context of the potential users?
  • Which features have the highest priority and what is the according willingness-to-pay?


In this Living Lab research track, we start with an online survey in which we try to gain insights in the use (in terms of why and how) of IoT products and services and users’ attitudes towards technology, IoT and the AllThingsTalk platform.

Next, a probe research that focusses on processes and situations of the users’ daily lives is conducted. The results of the probe research, i.e. scenario’s, are used in online and offline co-creation and co-designsessions with end-users, DIY’ers and developpers. An interaction between these online and offline sessions should lead to distinct use cases for the AllThingsTalk platform.

In a final phase, a stakeholdersession in which the market potential of these use cases is held. To wrap up, a validation survey with a large user group is conducted.

Duration of the project

The project runs from 01/10/2013 - 30/05/2014.

Staff involved

  • Karel Vandenbroucke
  • Dimitri Schuurman

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