BCC - Measuring Cost and Impact of Cybercrime in Belgium


While offering immense opportunities to the Belgian economy and society, the digital transition has also revealed various old and new threats in the form of cybercrime. To this day, very little research has been done concerning the impact caused by cybercrime on the Belgian internet population.

In order to reach an assessment of the issue and feed policymaking, the multidisciplinary BELSPO Brain-be project was launched in 2014 on Measuring Cost and Impact of Cybercrime in Belgium (BCC). The primary objective of the project is to demystify cybercrime: reach a realistic and up-to-date picture of the phenomena and their ramifications. In this regard, MICT surveys the Belgian internet population in its risk perception and possible experience with cybercrime. Amongst others, internet user profiles are defined by their protective measures, and predicted by past cybercrime experience.

MICT is responsible for the development and validation of a risk perception monitoring tool for mapping public risk perception levels concerning cybercrime and various related concepts (internet use, confidence in internet safety, severity and probability of threats, preventive behaviour). Furthermore, MICT will identify and profile core target groups for risk communication efforts by means of the quantitative data.


The project runs from 1/12/2013 - 28/02/2018

Staff involved

  • Prof. dr. Pieter Verdegem
  • Evert Teerlinck

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