e-Strips - Building a digital e-Strips platform: from creation to selling


The e-Strips project aims to create an e-Strips platform and an innovative collection of tools. Goal is to offer newly produced as well as the long tail of old ‘strips’ (as comics are known in Flanders) to readers.

In cooperation with the project partners, we will develop new tools enabling publishers to:

  • enrich digital strips
  • prepare them for multiplatform digital distribution
  • tailor them to the unique aspects of the content creator, the digital product itself, and the consumers

Of these diversified offerings, the market potential and willingness to pay in all its manifestations will be investigated through a living lab panel.


MICT will develop an instrument for measuring and predicting the adoption and use of the e-Strips platform based on scientific insights from the theory of planned behavior (TPB) and the technology acceptance model (TAM). MICT will review the literature of the existing, related instruments and constructs based on TPB and TAM to choose a conceptual framework.

Furthermore, MICT will also integrate the results of qualitative, exploratory research. We will make constructs related to e.g. perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use operational in relation to potential hurdles and/or added value of e-Strips.

As a result MICT will deliver a large-scale quantitative survey in which reliability and validity of the instrument are tested. In this survey, we determine the degree to which it can measure and predict buy and use intention in terms of variance explained. This measurement will be combined with an adoption potential assessment based on the PSAP method and the Van Westendorp price meter.

In this way, MICT will explore the attractiveness of different ownership and payment models and assess their potential for different segments.

Duration of the project

The project runs from 01/11/2013 – 31/10/2014

Staff involved

Financed by

  • iMinds-MiX

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