Posi & friends


This research is part of a multimedia project in collaboration with Ketnet, Vlaams Netwerk Kies Kleur Tegen Pesten (know from the Ketnet ‘Move tegen pesten’) and Hoaxland (3D animation studio, producers of Aya & Rex). The main goal of this project is to work around bullying with children between six and twelve years old. A digital 3D animation series that will be broadcasted on Ketnet will be the central element of this project at which various other formats are being coupled. This research focusses on the opportunities of innovative ICT solutions to meet the challenges of bully behavior within this framework. This project is funded by an "KMO Dienstenportefeuille” from the 'Agentschap Ondernemen' and iMinds is the independent research institution.


Unfortunately, for many children, bullying is a daily reality. It is a challenge for both children, parents and youth workers to deal with this problem in a good way and to prevent this from happening. On the other hand, new technologies offer opportunities for tailored solutions in a playful, interactive and accessible way. The combination of these two elements form the core of this research project. Posi & Friends is a transmedia project aimed at children between seven and ten years old, but also involves parents and teachers. The project is built around a 3D animation series, which is the basis for many other media products, including an interactive platform where children can go with their problems, tell their story and get help on how to cope with bully behavior. This platform will also be usable as an educational tool by parents and teachers.

Innovation goal

This research focuses on the development of the interactive platform. To what extent is technology able to provide assistance in such situations? In this study, we analyze both the relationship between children and technology and the implementation of educational and problem-solving methods in a digital and playful environment. Which needs exist? What opportunities are there? And what do parents and experts think about these opportunities? Besides the substantive and technological dimensions of this concept, this project elaborates on the possible business models in collaboration with the various stakeholders of the value network.


This research will be conducted according to Living Lab methods within ‘Mediatuin’. The first stage of this project is to map the existing initiatives and the current opportunities, needs, frustrations and desires regarding the issue of bullying and the potential of digital technologies. These opportunities will be further explored and developed together with parents and teachers. The findings from this co-creation session are then validated and prioritized on a larger scale. Based on these user-insights, the trans-media concept will be further specified and optimized. Finally, we elaborate on these insights together with experts and relevant stakeholders. By means of a stakeholder session and a business model workshop (SIMBU method), a viable business model for this concept will be developed.

In this research, MICT will be facilitating the interaction with the end-user and other relevant stakeholders. Using an iterative panel-based Living Lab approach, a segmented panel will contribute to the development of the innovation. All relevant stakeholders will have an equal voice and are challenged to think about the opportunities and challenges of this concept by means of a multi-method approach. This allows us to develop a concept that will match the stakes, values and use-context of every actor within the value network of the innovation.

Duration of the project

The project runs from 03/01/2013 - 30/09/2013.

Staff involved

  • Dimitri Schuurman
  • Bas Baccarne


  • ICT & Society

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