2Shoop is a digital platform for independent retailers. The platform allows the retailers to send out promotions and communications in a user friendly way. This allows them to improve their market position, attract new customers, stimulate customer loyalty, …
2Shoop wants to offer the retailer the option to work with a voucher system to set up actions and allow consumers to have access to all the actions regionally and according to their preference.
During this Living Lab research, MICT is responsible for the user research. The research starts with an environmental scan to detect drivers and barriers of shopping locally and application usage in doing so. In a next step a survey is conducted to assess the adoption potential of an application such as 2Shoop. In a field trial, the different features of 2Shoop are tested in the context of usage. Via stakeholder interviews the go-to-market strategy will be determined as a final step.


MICT is responsible for the state of the art, survey, field trial and interviews.


The project runs from 01/07/2014 till 01/07/2015

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