Djubble - App that brings friends together


Djubble is a smartphone application that allows people to spontaneously bring friends together. Hereby simplicity is a crucial element of the application. Djubble started a Living Lab research with iMinds-iLab.o to get more user insights in order to further develop the application. MICT is hereby responsible for the user research. The research starts with a survey in which the current habits and practices are studied and in which profiles are segmented. In a next research step, a co-creation workshop is conducted in which end-users discuss about the innovation and its functionalities. Once the prototype of djubble is developed, usability testing is conducted in order to further iterate the application together with end-users. In the final research step a field trial is held in order to study the use of the application in the natural use-context of end-users.


The project runs from 01/03/2014 till 31/12/2015

Staff Involved

  • Annabel Georges

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