Knowledge Flow


Knowledge Flow is an ICT solutions for knowledge sharing and e-learning. Knowledge Flow is an online platform and mobile application allowing to work context aware. The software currently focuses on store employees and HR. Knowledge Flow currently focuses on retail, but the company is looking to apply the platform in other contexts as well. In order to so, Knowledge Flow is looking for generic features that can be used in different sectors.
During this Living Lab research, MICT is responsible for the user research. The research starts with an environmental scan to detect drivers and barriers of knowledge exchange, e-learning and existing tools in the market. In a next step different stakeholders of the ecosystem are interviewed to detect their needs and wants as well as their initial attitude towards a platform like Knowledge Flow. Via a survey, the results from the interviews are validated.


MICT is responsible for the state of the art, interviews and survey.


The project runs from 01/05/2014 till 15/04/2015

Staff Involved

  • Lynn Coorevits

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