Info Flanders - a comprehensive approach for service processes for Flemish citizens


The Department of Information in Flanders is pursuing a comprehensive approach for service processes for the Flemish citizens. Currently the information services are fragmented and scattered on various websites and services of different departments and agencies, making it even more difficult for citizens and businesses to find their way in all this information.

To meet this need the team Simplification and Monitoring of the Department of Information Flanders wants to redesign the existing service from a customer-centric approach and from a service design vision. Meaning that end users are involved as early as possible in the development of new tools, modules and applications for citizens who are seeking information about government services. In order to do this, the team wants to use the Living Lab project to create a sustainable process which focuses on the end user and which succeeds to present the complexity of interaction between the user and the government.

The role of iMinds-MICT in this project is twofold: on the one hand we will help to elaborate a research method which can be transferred to the Department of Information in Flanders. On the other hand we will perform the methodology and analyse two pilot projects for two life events: "building & renovating" and "unemployment". This means that within the project we will both have a research as a training component. The following research steps will be organized and taught by MICT researchers: a State of the Art, expert interviews, a profiling of the target group, co-creation and co-design sessions and finally an introduction to the market.


The project runs from 01/11/2015 - 30/10/2016

Staff involved

  • Sara Logge
  • dr. Dimitri Schuurman


Financed by

  • Department Information Flanders