SPOTSHOP - On-the spot e-commerce for televesion


The SpotShop project is developing an innovative second screen application which offers viewers relevant information on objects, clothing, furniture, food… they see and like on their television screens. The application also enables interaction between TV audiences and brands, so producers and advertisers can offer potential consumers tailored promotions, e-shop items, free samples, gamification etc.

Iterative Living Lab Research

A lot of attention within the SpotShop project is going to the real needs of users. Through the living lab approach, potential users are involved in each development stage of the application. This research is conducted by the MICT living lab team.

Duration of the project

The project runs from 01/10/2015 - 30/09/2016.

Staff involved

  • dr. Dimitri Schuurman
  • Karel Vandenbroucke

Financed by

  • IWT