Eureka E-learning platform


Eureka Expert is specialized in education aimed at children with learning difficulties, starting from the second year of primary education. Eureka has developed its own label whereby didactic materials are offered. The school is characterised by a lean approach. Teachers can use their classroom as a test lab environment, this way they can test and use new materials and technologies. Additionally, Eureka Expert is continuously scanning the market for learning path enhancing materials, such as a smart pen stylus: which is both functioning as a pen and a dictaphone. Eureka Expert strongly believes in a multi sensorial approach to optimize learning opportunities. Finally, Eureka Expert has developed a four-dimensional model for learning, this allows them to work across school years. The primary benefit of such an approach is that children are no longer lagging behind, but continuously grow in the learning process which leads to a higher motivation?

The digital era demands the embracement of digital elements in the learning process. An abundance of learning-applications are being introduced to the market, but until this day Eureka Expert has found no clear applicable application, specifically aimed at children with learning difficulties. This has lead them to develop such an application themselves, which takes their four-dimensional model and multi-sensorial approach into account.

Main research questions:

  • What are the possible contextual factors on use and processes. What features and supporting services should be developed related to the e-learning application, to allow the positive evaluation of such an application by the different stakeholders?
  • What are the possible use-cases to optimize the current e-learning application, and to allow for the right integration with different stakeholders?
  • How can Eureka Expert play into the hands of the ecosystem and what stakeholders are of importance to take into account for the different steps of value creation, delivery and consumption?

MICT responsibility:

  • Segmentation survey
  • Interviews with representatives of the defined segments
  • Co-creation session with 8-10 lead users
  • Usability lab test
  • PSAP survey
  • Validation workshop


The project runs from 01/01/2016 until 30/04/2016.

Staff involved

  • Aron-Levi Herregodts
  • dr. Dimitri Schuurman

Financed by

  • Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen