DBN challenge

Flemish data utility company
Digital flanders
Adoption & user research
Bowling pin model
Technology readiness
Personal data vault

In the context of the establishment of the data utility company, Digitaal Flanders is in need of a market analysis and communication strategy that supports the market introduction of Solid and Datanut company and that maximises the adoption potential.

Research questions:

How do we best position Datanuts Company in the market?

How do we introduce Solid to the market?

Is there support among the Flemish people and how do we ensure adoption among citizens?

Imec-mict-UGent supports these research goals by means of a market segmentation through the Bowling Pin Model. The research efforts are linked to the activities of the master students New Media and Society (UGent - communication sciences). In addition, we support data utility company by triangulating leads and estimating opportunities by means of a scoring framework.

Partners: Digital Flanders

Project duration: 10 months (oct 21 – June 22)

Contact: Peter Mechant and Sander Van Damme