Sofie Naeyaert

Junior researcher at the research group for Media, Innovation and Communication Technologies, Department of Communication Sciences, Ghent University.

Sofie Naeyaert


Sofie Naeyaert is a junior researcher at the research group for Media, Innovation, and Communication Technologies at Ghent University. She holds a Master’s degree in Health Promotion and a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. In her master’s thesis, she conducted research on couples’ communication about sexuality after prostate cancer treatment. During her education as a health promoter, she also worked within the UN-MENAMAIS project to investigate the impact of sexual violence on victims.

After graduating in 2021, Sofie worked as a doctoral researcher for two years within the Department of Movement and Sports Sciences, where she was involved in a research project related to 24-hour movement behavior in low SES preschoolers.

In October 2023, Sofie will continue her academic career as a doctoral researcher at imec-mict Ugent, under the supervision of Dr. Peter Conradie. Her research will be primarily focused on projects related to energy and sustainability, with a specific emphasis on housing inequality and fossil-free neighborhoods.