Stephanie Van Hove

Researcher at the research group for Media, Innovation and Communication Technologies, Department of Communication Sciences, Ghent University.

Stephanie Van Hove


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Children’s and youth’s use of mobile technologies
Citizen participation
Technologies enabling to capture or simulate context, such as virtual reality


Stephanie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Management (Commercial Communication, Artevelde University College, 2012, with honor) and a Master’s degree in Communication Sciences (New Media and Society, Ghent University, 2014, with great honor). She is a user researcher with an academic focus on user-centric innovation. In the past she worked on ICON research projects that addressed the digitization in education (icon project EduTab, 2014-2015) and user experience of positioning technology in smart retail spaces (icon project LUNAR, 2015-2017). Moreover, she was engaged in living lab projects with SMEs and local governments in the context of civic engagement, smart home ventilation and switches, invoice management, e-learning and audiovisual archiving for primary and secondary education, and digital transformation of public libraries.

As of January 2018 she is pursuing a PhD on the user experience assessment of digital products in smart spaces. Within the context of Human-Computer Interaction, she aims to develop a futureproof framework to be validated in different contexts. This guided her towards the current ICON research project she is working on, IoT Chef (2018-2020). This project is about to explore, design and validate a connected cooking system that enhances the cooking and eating experience.