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EduTab unites all members of the secondary education ecosystem - schools, developers, publishers and academia - through research and development. The project’s ambition is to develop and validate co-designed and economically viable tablet applications for secondary education in a living lab environment. As such, EduTab promotes the development of a sustainable environment for successful tablet-assisted learning.

Our anticipated outcomes:

  • Three operational proof-of-concepts centring on:
  1. Role-based digital screen interactivity
  2. Multi-context adaptivity, beyond item-sequencing
  3. Open innovation, corresponding with latent needs
  • Hands-on roadmap for tablet-based education
  • Our approach:

    • User-centered design sessions: sensitize and monitor teacher and pupil needs trough direct interaction
    • Constant interaction between industrial partners trough repeated sector-wide workshops
    • Continuous improvement and evaluation of developments’ learning effectiveness and usability in a living lab context

    Duration of the project

    The projects runs from 1/01/2014 – 31/12/2015

    Staff involved

    Financed by

    • iMinds