Alexine Van De Weghe

Researcher at the research group Center for Journalism Studies of the department of Communication Sciences of Ghent University.

Alexine Van De Weghe


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Promoting sustainable behaviour
Stakeholder engegament
Sustainable energy transition


Alexine Van De Weghe graduated with a Master's in Clinical Psychology in 2017 and a Master's in Health Promotion in 2021, both from Ghent University.

Currently she works as a researcher at UGent, at the Department of Communication Sciences and is affiliated with the Center for Journalism Studies (CJS). She serves as a researcher on a collaborative project with the City of Ghent. The objective is to enhance the acceptance of heat pumps among installers of fossil fuel systems, support the behaviour of heat pump installers to increase the adoption of heat pumps among homeowners, and develop a unifying narrative for sustainable energy transition within the sector. She is supervised by Prof. Dr. Verolien Cauberghe.

Prior to her role at UGent, Alexine conducted research on the impact of (semi-)autonomous systems on user behaviour and ethics at the Royal Military Academy. Additionally, she worked as a regional manager for Logo Gezond + vzw in Ghent, engaging with stakeholders to develop and implement local health policies, projects, and prevention strategies. Alexine also spent six months working as a clinical psychologist in Cape Town.

Research Projects

Promoting the adoption and implementation of heat pumps by heating installers among homeowners