The internship counts towards 12 credits of the master's programme, but is not obligatory. Students who don’t want to do an internship can replace this with two courses from a varied list of elective courses.

The internship takes place in the second semester of the academic year because it builds upon the theoretic knowledge acquired in the specialisation’s obligatory courses. To guarantee the programme’s constructive quality nearly every theoretical course is taught in the first semester.

Lecturers are able to veto an internship proposal if they feel it doesn’t respect the time format or offer enough substantial quality guarantees.

Information booklet

All internship information can be found in the information booklet (Dutch).

Internship proposal / contract

Keep in mind your internship proposal can be denied or adjusted based on your supervisor’s advice.

When submitting this proposal the student needs to add a printed document.
This can be found on OASIS. This document shows whether or not the conditions to apply for an internship are met. 

Apprenticeships outside of Belgium are not possible. 

Only for Apprenticeships in academic research groups there are some exceptions.
Please contact Prof. Raeymaeckers  for advice and approval first.


For general info
Johan Vermeire

For info concerning the internships 
Marc De Wilde (on Thursdays or after making an appointment)

Internship coordinator
Prof. Raeymaeckers