Which courses can I follow?
Find out more about the courses here

I checked my timetable and noticed that some classes overlap. What should l do?
Don't worry! You can still make changes to your course selection during the first weeks of the semester. More information will be provided during the Faculty Welcome moment.

What should I do if I cannot remove certain classes from my curriculum in OASIS? 
Contact RIO at rio.psw@UGent.be or the Faculty Student Administration at fsa.psw@ugent.be

(Re-) Examinations

Where can I find the examination schedule?

You can find the examination schedule in your personal calendar in Oasis.

I have a re-examination, what should I do?

  • If you failed for an exam, you can take a re-examination during the second examination period at the end of August and the beginning of September. 
  • It is not necessary to contact the lecturer separately to make arrangements, except in special circumstances or if you want feedback on your exams.
  • Re-examination schedules can be found in Oasis in early July.


Where can I print or scan documents?

You can use the facilities of the libraries. A print and scan machine is available in the library of Law. Of course you can also go to  one the copy center in the city.

Which facilities are available in our faculty?

An overview of all the facilities in our faculty can be found here.