XXIX International hamster workgroup meeting

XXIX International hamster workgroup meeting

On 12 and 13 October 2022, the University of Ghent, Centre for Environmental and Energy Law, the Agency for Nature & Forests and Natuurpunt gathered more than 70 experts working in the fields of biology, ecology and conservation of the European hamster (Cricetus cricetus) and/or other species of hamsters to present the results of their work at the 29th Hamster Meeting in Brussels, Belgium (hybrid).

Initially this meeting was to be held in Kyiv Zoo, Ukraine in September 2022. The Russian War in Ukraine, and the human tragedy to which it led, rendered the organization of the meeting impossible. We hosted the meeting to guarantee the continuity of the yearly meeting and in support of our Ukrainian colleagues.

On the second day, 13 October 2022 we organized a field trip in the land of Haspengouw, to illustrate conservation measures in Limburg, Widooie.

Download the full program

You can read the abstracts and presentations here:

  1. Versteirt, SWOT analysis current species protection program for Wild hamsters in Flanders – Presentation
  2. Schoukens, The law and the Wild hamster: doing the (im-)possible? – AbstractPresentation
  3. Nevelsteen, Notes from the field – AbstractPresentation
  4. Descamps, Introduction of the captive bred hamster from 2019-2021 in Widooie: Any hope for the last Belgian population? – AbstractPresentation
  5. La Haye, The struggle for effective conservation of hamsters in The Netherlands – AbstractPresentation
  6. C. Virion, The Wild hamster in Alsace: back from extinction? – AbstractPresentation
  7. Müskens, Habitat-Use of Common Buzzard in relation to hamster conservation areas –Presentation
  8. Monecke, Captive breeding of a circannual species – chronobiological chances and pittfalls – Presentation
  9. Rusin, Wind turbines and hamsters: conservation programmes of dwarf hamsters in Ukraine – Abstract – Presentation
  10. Fleitz, Improving the success of restocking programs – AbstractPresentation
  11. Antrobus Thorweihe, Burrow-Infrastructures improve successful reintroduction – AbstractPresentation
  12. Grente, Hamster Distribution Model: a case study in Alsace – AbstractPresentation
  13. Siutz, Effects of food supplementation in autumn on subsequent reproductive success – Abstract
  14. Nemeth, PUFA changes in white adipose tissue during hibernation in common hamsters – AbstractPresentation
  15. Jerosh & M. Schneider, Wildlife detection dog and hamster protection – first results from the field – AbstractPresentation
  16. Gérard, Effect of various crop associations on the health and reproductive success of the European hamster - AbstractPresentation

 foto International Hamster workgroup meeting1

  1. Handrich, Development of tools for monitoring in the wild – AbstractPoster
  2. Hein, Project Feldhamsterland - Poster

You can watch day 1 of the workshop here:

Morning 12 October 2022 part 1

Morning 12 October 2022 part 2 and part 1 afternoon

Afternoon 12 October 2022

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