Lei Guo

Lei Guo, PhD candidate in the Department of Public International Law of Ghent University, is under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Frank Maes (promoter) and Prof. Dr. Qin Tianbao (co-promoter), on the topic of “The Use of Biofuels According to International Law: A Comparison between EU and Chinese Implementation”. In this research, she analyzes the predominant legal issues from the perspective of relevant international law on the use of biofuels, and makes a comparative study on the implementation of biofuels regulations in the EU and China.

Lei’s main field of research is renewable energy law and international law. She published “Is NAFTA a Good Model for China?: Lessons from Mexico and the United States” Carmen G. Gonzalez, Guo Lei,Qin Tianbao, 2009(5), Jiangxi Social Sciences, 244-252, Jiangxi, “Environmental Right Belong to Fundamental Human Right: in View of Jurisprudence” 2009(8), Annual Meeting and Academic Seminar of Institution of Environmental and Natural Resources Law under China Law Society, 921-923, Kunming.

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