Ping Chen

Ping Chen obtained the diplomas Master at law, option environmental law (June, 2009) in Research Institute of Environmental Law in Wuhan University in China. During her master’s study, she researched on the development of environmental barriers in WTO law especially the SPS agreement and TBT agreement and then finished her thesis oral defense with the dissertation “The Trend of Settlement of Environment-related Trade Disputes under WTO: A Perspective of Relevant WTO Cases” with great distinction. She participated in “The 9th Global Environmental Taxation Conference in Singapore” (2008) as an active lecturer for the first time. This experience broadens her horizon and inspires her passion on her research career.

Ping Chen started her PhD research under the guidance and supervision of Prof. Dr. Frank Maes (promoter) on the topic of ‘Greenhouse Gas emissions trading in the EU and in the USA: impact and opportunities for third countries, in particular China’ since October 2009. She researched on China’s options on the emissions trading legal systems in the future especially after 2012, which refers to the experiences and implications from Emissions Trading Schemes (ETS) in EU and USA.

The PhD was defended successfully on June, 26, 2014.

Ping Chen has also participated in the 8th IUCN Academy of Environmental Law Colloquium organized by Ghent University (September, 2010) and the 21st Ph.D. Workshop on International Climate Policy organized by the Center for Comparative and International Studies (CIS) at the University of Zürich (October, 2010) as a speaker.