30-06-2021 Bringing lifelong learning closer: VUB, UAntwerp and Ghent University launch Nova Academy
19-06-2021 Revised website strengthens transparency regarding Ghent University policy on the use of animal testing in research
16-06-2021 New sharing platform launches at Ghent University
11-06-2021 “Who you gonna call?” The Emergency Center is available 24/7 for all Ghent University staff members and students
04-06-2021 Corona related measures at Ghent University
01-06-2021 Sustainable new building on Campus Heymans houses practicals, DoCoLab and the department of Medicinal Chemistry
17-05-2021 Rector and Vice-rector plea for calm: “And then it’s back to work”
17-05-2021 Learn a new language? Check out the UCT Summer Courses
10-05-2021 Why it’s so difficult to discuss sexual harassment
05-05-2021 Rik Van de Walle and Mieke Van Herreweghe re-elected as rector and vice-rector of Ghent University
23-04-2021 Climate Change Is Real. Now What Should We Do About It?
19-04-2021 International study about entrepreneurial intentions
13-04-2021 Human rights: not just for lawyers
09-04-2021 Students helping out with vaccinations
30-03-2021 Nearly 20% of people in sports confronted with (in)direct match-fixing proposals
24-03-2021 Combining studies with high-level sport? These Ghent University students do it!
18-03-2021 4 ways to support trans and gender-fluid students or colleagues at Ghent University
14-02-2021 Sexual harassment among students: common, yet rarely reported
14-02-2021 Q&A: Do you have a question for the rector about the course of the academic year?
10-02-2021 The university of the future: will you soon be following classes all over Europe?
22-01-2021 New edition of the popular cultural programme Low Countries Studies starts on 9 February 2021
15-01-2021 The Brexit Deal and Ghent University in 2021: Horizon Europe, Erasmus+ and More
07-01-2021 Two Ghent University researchers have been awarded Proof of Concept grants
23-12-2020 20 of 2020: Pieter learned the art of giving online lessons
23-12-2020 20 of 2020: Babs found a mental boost by doing more sport
23-12-2020 20 of 2020: Sofie chose to return to university to get even better at her job
23-12-2020 20 van 2020: Parastou dreams of a real proclamation with her fellow students
22-12-2020 20 of 2020: Yanis found love, thanks to corona
22-12-2020 20 of 2020: Ragad has become completely fascinated by the wonders of vaccines
18-12-2020 COVID-19 exposes and amplifies the inequalities experienced by refugees and migrants globally
18-12-2020 Dirk Inzé appointed to the ERC Scientific Council
17-12-2020 Win tickets for Beethoven in Pocketsize digital
15-12-2020 Majority of PhD holders view their doctorate as added value in non-academic job market
10-12-2020 Concerns regarding a paper published by Nature Communications
09-12-2020 Koen Raemdonck is awarded ERC Consolidator Grant
08-12-2020 Educational Activities During the Second Semester: Rector Ghent University Answers Most Important Questions
02-12-2020 Human Rights Week focusses on colonial legacies and processes of decolonization
27-11-2020 The Implications of a (No-Deal) Brexit: an Overview
18-11-2020 25 Ghent University researchers are 'Highly Cited Researcher 2020'
16-11-2020 The Implications of a (No-Deal) Brexit – Part 3: Research and Research Funding
06-11-2020 The Implications of a (No-Deal) Brexit for Ghent University – Part 2: Erasmus+ and Studying Abroad
25-10-2020 75 years United Nations: a durable and sustainable cooperation with Ghent University
25-10-2020 10 Years DO!: from pioneer to key player in student entrepreneurship
16-10-2020 Can you run so fast that you stay ahead of climate change?
05-10-2020 Ghent University Selected to Participate in Japanese-Korean Symposium on Corona Policy
02-10-2020 Wanted: the best idea to make our society more sustainable
27-09-2020 Welcome Village: successful warm welcome for the international students
22-09-2020 Dries Van Thourhout elected Fellow of the Optical Society of America (OSA)
22-09-2020 “Even in 2020-2021 you can have the best time of your life as a student"
21-09-2020 Official Opening Academic Year 2020-2021
18-09-2020 Wanted: student musicians
15-09-2020 Start educational activities Ghent University in code orange
11-09-2020 Blood Drive iGent Campus Ardoyen
01-09-2020 Student Restaurants Reopen as Take-Away Restaurants
26-08-2020 Ghent University Partner in Exhibition on Bruges Scientist Simon Stevin
25-08-2020 Ghent University Once Again Ranked Highest Among Belgian Universities in the Academic Ranking of World Universities (Shanghai Ranking)
28-07-2020 Two Ghent University researchers have been awarded Proof of Concept grants
12-07-2020 Posters Corona Guidelines
12-07-2020 Kop op coffee mug! New Ghent University coffee mug available now
07-07-2020 Alain Goossens elected as EMBO member
25-06-2020 Ghent University uses maximum available space to welcome as many students as possible on campus
22-06-2020 (Almost) graduated! What's next?
19-06-2020 The new academic year at Ghent University
19-06-2020 Vice-rector Mieke Van Herreweghe: Diversity is simply a necessity for a university
19-06-2020 Black Lives Matter also at Ghent University
19-06-2020 Khalid Benhaddou: Racism is a structural problem and not the fault of individuals or ethnic groups
19-06-2020 The current intransigence of BLM movement gives hope
21-05-2020 Titan Arum in Bloom During Corona Crisis
19-05-2020 Study Programmes at GUGC on Their Way to Accreditation
08-05-2020 Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on autistic adults
05-05-2020 Lost silk road city located by Ghent University researcher
04-05-2020 X-ray analysis of armour from the Mary Rose offers new insights
04-05-2020 Internal election results announced
30-04-2020 Coronavirus: info and guidelines
27-04-2020 Studying the impact of COVID-19 on students
27-04-2020 Vote in the internal elections
24-04-2020 Studying the impact of COVID-19 on migrants and refugees
23-04-2020 Update corona: take care of yourself and each other
19-04-2020 Q&A with Rector Rik Van de Walle about the corona virus measures
14-04-2020 Two Ghent University researchers are nominated for the Eos Pipet 2020
14-04-2020 New in the Ghent University online shop: baby suits and powerbanks
13-04-2020 Domestic violence in Belgium in times of corona
08-04-2020 What's student life like after corona?
07-04-2020 Give your input for corona related Ghent University research
07-04-2020 How does corona affect the well-being of our companion animals?
07-04-2020 Update corona: international mobility Ghent University
07-04-2020 Who are the candidates for the internal elections?
01-04-2020 Apply to be a candidate for the internal elections
26-03-2020 Planning and further course of the academic year 2019-2020 at Ghent University