'GENTREPRENEUR' becomes the contact point for entrepreneurial students and researchers at Ghent University

(14-05-2024) The entrepreneurial services of Ghent University, Arteveldehogeschool and HOGENT will join forces from the 2024-2025 academic year and form one joint expertise center that helps all Ghent enterprising students get started.

With DO! (Durf Ondernemen), Ghent University has been committed to supporting enterprising students and researchers for many years. In addition, a collaboration between the Ghent educational institutions was also established under the name 'Gentrepreneur'. This successful collaboration is now further reinforced. With Gentrepreneur, the three educational institutions combine their own student entrepreneurship activities into one service.

Gentrepreneur will become the Ghent point of contact for all enterprising students and researchers and will offer Ghent University students an even clearer and stronger service. Students and researchers with a business, a vague or very concrete idea or with an interest in entrepreneurship will be welcome for personal guidance and a diverse range of programs and events. Researchers will be guided in close collaboration with TechTransfer.

The familiar faces also remain. In total, the new team will consist of 13 (both full-time and part-time) employees. They remain affiliated with their original educational institution, but will form Gentrepreneur together from September. The new operation will no longer be found in The Foundry on Campus Rommelaere, but in the Winter Circus. This unique place will not only be the home base of Gentrepreneur, but will also offer the young companies unique opportunities to further expand their knowledge and network.

The new Gentrepreneur contact details will be communicated in a timely manner and there will be an extensive transition phase with DO!'s current communication channels.

Very welcome to the big public launch of Gentrepreneur on October 15 in the Winter Circus. Would you like to be the first to receive an invitation and stay informed of all new plans: http://eepurl.com/iPsDng.