Service points on campuses Sterre and Heymans: the meeting place for help, food and logistics facilities

(14-05-2024) In the former porter's lodge in S21 on Campus Sterre and at the reception area of Block A on Campus Heymans, service points have been set up where a friendly welcome, a food corner and many facilities come together.

"We want to be the go-to place on campus, where you can go for (almost) everything. We are ready to provide every student, employee or visitor with something tasty from our food corner, and to discuss and solve all questions and problems small or big. Hope to see you soon!" (Patrick Mus and Kateleen De Temmerman, employees service point Campus Sterre)

Foodcorner servicepunt S21A warm meeting place, including sandwiches and drinks

The service point is more than just a place where logistical needs are taken care of and questions are answered. Each service point features a food corner where you can buy sandwiches, soup, fruit, coffee or something soft. The place for a quick take-away, and an ideal location to meet up with your colleague or fellow student, or to take a break after arriving or before leaving.

Small problems solved quickly: one location for many facilities and information

A lost visitor or a parcel that starts its own journey on campus. These are just a few examples that occur regularly on many campuses.

The service point aims to solve this. You can go there for (educational) logistics facilities, can ask all your questions, and a solution is sought for everyone's need. Some examples of services offered:

  • Reception and information: the point of contact on campus for anyone who needs to be guided.
  • Capturing, signaling and solving problems: report your observation here and colleagues will deal with it immediately.
  • Facilitation:
    • a stock of basic educational needs - whiteboard markers, chalk, IT services... - is always there.
    • the place where mail and packages are accepted and can be collected. On Campus Sterre, the service point is one of four site hubs where materials are delivered within the LOOP project (Logistics Optimalisation Project); on Campus Heymans, it is the central place for this.

"The service point may become the hub on campus for campus information and (education) logistics needs, for all UGent'ers. The employees are enthusiastically ready to assist any Ghent University student, staff member, visitor, customer or supplier with their offerings and help them find their way around the campus. One location also where everything comes together and is distributed." (David Vermeersch, project leader together with Liesbeth Vandamme - LOOP)

Servicepunt Campus Heymans blok AAnchor points on campus

The former porter's lodge in S21 is located right next to the (main) entrance to Sterre Campus at the corner of Krijgslaan and Galglaan. The place where many searching visitors arrive and can immediately go with their questions, before they start driving around the big campus.

The reception in Block A of Campus Heymans is located in the heart of the campus, near the main entrance.

Close cooperation between many UGent'ers for more efficient campus operation

The extensive range of facilities bundled in the service point came about through cooperation between the Faculties involved and various departments - Department of Infrastructure and Facility Management, Department of Student Facilities, ICT Department, Financial Department.

The two service points will be evaluated regularly as a pilot project, in function of improvement of these points, but also in function of a possible extension of these service points to other Ghent University campuses.

We invite everyone to pay a visit and see how the service point can help you too.