PhD defenses

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23-11-2017 16:00 Physiological analysis of two members in the Caenorhabditis elegans globin family Vangheel, Matthew
23-11-2017 17:00 The role of the 92-kb plasmid, quorum sensing, and interspecies communication in the virulence of Burkholderia cenocepacia K56-2 Depluverez, Sofie
26-11-2017 14:00 Identification, systematics and phylogeny of the genera in the Aphelenchoididae (Nematoda: Tylenchomorpha) Fang, Yiwu
30-11-2017 14:00 Effects of human pressures on ecosystem structure, functioning and services in salt marshes Lo, Veronica
05-12-2017 15:00 Experimental Determination and Re-evaluation of Nuclear Data for the Parametric and k0-Standardization of Neutron Activation Analysis Farina Arboccò, Fulvio
06-12-2017 14:30 Where small molecules and polymer materials meet: triazolinedione chemistry at the interface De Bruycker, Kevin
12-12-2017 15:30 Exploiting the molecular basis of the Green Revolution: DELLA proteins in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Van De Velde, Karel
13-12-2017 16:00 Immunolocalisation of mixed-linkage glucan epitopes in cell walls of Ceratopteris richardii 'C-Fern' and selected non-flowering vascular plants Eeckhout, Sharon
19-12-2017 16:00 Formation and reactivation of the Tien Shan constrained by multi-method basement and detrital chronology. De Pelsmaeker, Elien
20-12-2017 16:00 A micro-CT investigation into pore-scale CO² sequestration processes in fractured reservoir rocks Van Stappen, Jeroen
21-12-2017 15:00 Polycycloacetals from renewable resources Lingier, Sophie