In addition to scientific research, our department also contributes to educating students, in both Bachelor's and Master's programmes.

These courses are either held at the Ghent University or within international education programmes.

Master thesis subjects

Elective courses

1st semester

Course title Lecturer Credits
Magnetism: from Fundamentals to Nanoscale Dynamics Bartel Van Waeyenberge 6
Nanomagnetism Bartel Van Waeyenberge 6
Optical Spectroscopy of Materials Dirk Poelman 4
Solid-state Physics and Semiconductors I Henk Vrielinck 6
Symmetry Groups Freddy Callens 6
Teaching Methodology: Physics I Philippe Smet 6
Thin Films and Surface Physics Diederik Depla 6
Thin Films: Physics and Technology Diederik Depla 6


2nd semester

Course title Lecturer Credits
Capita Selecta Solid-state Physics Eddy Simoen 6
Electronics Dirk Poelman 6
Luminescence Jonas Joos 6
Nanomagnetism Bartel Van Waeyenberge 6
Quantum Physics for Electronics and Photonics Christophe Detavernier 6
Structural Analysis Techniques in Solid State Physics Jolien Dendooven 6


General Bachelor courses

For students from Physics and Astronomy:

Course title Lecturer Timing
Golven en Optica Henk Vrielinck MT Y1 S2
Elektriciteit en Magnetisme Bartel Van Waeyenberge MT Y1 S2
Materiaalfysica Freddy Callens MT Y2 S1
Experimenteren in de fysica 2 Bartel Van Waeyenberge MT Y2 S2
Inleiding tot de atoom- en molecuulfysica Philippe Smet MT Y3 S1
Vastestoffysica Christophe Detavernier MT Y3 S2
Bachelorproject Christophe Detavernier MT Y3 S2


For students from Engineering Physics: 

Course title Lecturer Timing
Vastestoffysica en halfgeleiders I Henk Vrielinck MT Y3 S1
Vastestoffysica en halfgeleiders II Christophe Detavernier MT Y3 S2


Note that all Bachelor courses are taught in Dutch.

General Master courses

Course title Lecturer Semester
Solid State and Nano Physics Christophe Detavernier 1

Summer internships 

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