Mission statement:  “The Department of Solid State Sciences wants to excel in fundamental condensed matter research and physics education to contribute to technological and societal development”.


The department of Solid State Sciences of Ghent University is part of the faculty of Sciences. The department has activities in the broad field of Solid State Sciences related to deposition and (surface)analysis of thin films, to magnetron deposition, Conformal Coating of Nanomaterials, the detection and microscopic characterization of paramagnetic defects in solids by means of Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) and Electron Nuclear DOuble Resonance (ENDOR), the study of defects in semiconductors, i.e. physical properties, identification, quantification of analytical techniques. The growth and characterisation of photo- and electroluminescence of sulfide phosphors.

Publications of the department.

The department has 6 research groups