To start your journey at our faculty and the university as smoothly as possible, the International Training Centre (ITC) developed a comprehensive TakeOff@FBE trajectory consisting of following parts:

  1. Check-in: Friday 1 September & Monday 4 September

  2. Onboarding: 5 -8 September

  3. Be Prepared: 11 - 15 September

  4. Onboarding final call: 21 - 22 september

These programmes are also a great opportunity to get to know your fellow students at the faculty and offers you the time and space to settle in Ghent, finish all the administrative burdens and get acquainted with your new surroundings. 

CheckIn@FBE1. CheckIn@FBE (1 and 4 Sept)

Prior to your arrival you will receive pre-arrival information via your EConsort account regarding visa application, arrival in Ghent, health insurance, banking, housing, etc. Read these information carefully! Upon your arrival in Ghent we assist you with completing the registration and administration regarding residence permit, insurances, banking, etc.

OnBoarding@FBE2. OnBoarding@FBE (5 - 8 Sept)

This part introduces you to the daily life and university atmosphere, as well as social and cultural aspects of living in Ghent and Belgium. We teach you a few words of Dutch and guide you on how to use the university library. Some important Ghent University services are introduced, such as the student job service, social service, and Trustpunt. The police informs you about biking safety and traffic rules. And of course we also organise a social activity to get to know each other and the ITC team, with snacks and drinks.

BePrepared@3. BePrepared@FBE (11 - 15 Sept)

This part focuses on scientific and educational preparation and consists of preparatory courses in statistics (theory, exercises), ‘R’ (statistics software), chemistry (theory, exercises), economics and scientific integrity. 

BePrepared is offered in a blended fashion, with theoretical lectures pre-recorded online and practical sessions hosted at Campus Coupure of the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering.  All course material for the statistics, chemistry and economics modules will be made available via UFORA, the Ghent University digital learning platform, around August 15th. 

Adequate knowledge of the abovementioned subjects is an absolute requirement for successfully attending a master programme at the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering. Participation is thus highly recommended for self-funding students and mandatory for scholarship holders (except SINReM). The economics module (theory and exercises) is only open to IMRD students.

OnBoarding2@FBE4. Onboarding - final call (21 - 22 September)

Onboarding for Exchange students, students from the Ghent University Global Campus (GUGC) in South Korea and students who arrive in Ghent after September 14th. These student can follow a catch-up version on 22nd and 23rd September.

Information of interest

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