100 years

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In 2020 the faculty of Bioscience Engineering at Ghent University celebrates its 100th anniversary. Our history starts in 1920, when the first academic year at the State Agricultural University was opened. In 1969 we officially became a faculty within Ghent University.

Already for 100 years now we work on the solutions for tomorrow's challenges.


Coupure blondTo celebrate the 100th anniversary of our faculty, we developed a brand new 'faculty beer', named Coupure Blond.

It's a a blonde high fermentation beer based on ancient, local cereals.

Served on all festivities for our 100th anniversary, presented below!



Jubilee book

In this jubilee book we look back on 100 years of education and research on the technology for the living matter and its environment.

We also look into the future: our youngest researchers describe their vision on how their field of study will look like in 2050.

This book will be presented on our anniversary celebration on 2 October 2020.


6 January 2020: launch of the anniversary year

  • For faculty personnel, admission by invitation only

20 March 2020: honorary doctorate to Dave Goulson

On 20 March 2020 we award an honorary doctorate to Dave Goulson, also known as the 'Bumblebee professor'.

With the presentation of this honorary doctorate we recognize Dr. Dave Goulson and his scientific work in the field of ecology and the preservation of insects, in particular bumblebees. He is a professor at the University of Sussex, UK, in the field of Evolution, Behavior and Environment. As a scientist, started as a field biologist, he has become a world leader. He has a strong motivation and drive for scientific research and also the health of our society.

  • Solemn ceremony, admission by invitation only

1 - 3 June 2020: Erasmus Coordinators Meeting

On 1 June we open our doors for the whole world during the Erasmus Coordinators Meeting. 

3 - 5 June 2020: IROICA Annual Conference

IROICA is the European network of international relations officers at Higher Education Institutions in agricultural and related sciences.

On 3 June we welcome all members of this network at our faculty for their annual conference. 

13 June 2020: alumni day 'Back to the faculty'

All alumni of our bioscience engineering programmes are welcome back at the faculty to discover what's new.

2 July 2020: staff party

  • For faculty personnel, admission by invitation only

2 October 2020: anniversary celebration

In October 1920 the first academic year at the 'State Agricultural University' was officially opened.

100 years later, we celebrate this with a solemn ceremony and the award of an honorary doctorate to Professor Iain Stewart. He is a Scottish geologist and focuses on Earth hazards and natural disasters, particularly in terms of identifying past major earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions in the Mediterranean region. Described as geology's "rock star", Stewart is best known to the public as the presenter of a number of science programmes for the BBC, notably Earth: The Power of the Planet (2007).

  • Solemn ceremony, admission by invitation only


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