Long study leave abroad


The Faculty financially supports researchers who need to perform advanced research, specialize in specific research techniques, or do fieldwork for a long period abroad.

Who can apply?

All predoctoral and postdoctoral researchers and assistant professors with tenure track at the FBE.


  • You have to apply before your departure date.
  • You must attempt to secure funding from FWO unless you do not meet their requirements. If you have received FWO funding, notify research.fbw@ugent.be, so we can cancel your application.
    If you were too late to apply at FWO, your application for faculty mobility funding won't be accepted as it is possible to apply at FWO without an official invitation by the host institute.
  • The study leave has to be at least 1 month.
    If you know that your study leave will be interrupted by a short return for social reasons or reasons related to the research activities, clearly state those reasons, and motivate them in your application.

  • Aside from your stay at a foreign research institution, a stay at other foreign institutions or organizations within the public or private sector can be accepted.

  • An invitation letter with a declaration stating the start and end date of the stay and signed by the host institute.

  • The committee can grant only 1 extended study leave to each applicant.


  • A lump sum* for transport expenses:

Within Europe: 500 euro

Outside Europe: 1.000 euro

  • Sum* for accommodation: 800 euro/month (= 30 days) to a maximum of 2.400 euro, which equals a period of 3 months.
  • The day of departure and the day of return are counted to calculate the lump sum.
  • If your study leave is longer than stated in your application, the committee will not be giving you extra funding.

*After approval for reimbursement, this lump sum is transferred to your supervisor. Your department will only reimburse the expenses actually made.

Apply online

Documents to be submitted

The following documents have to be submitted in the application:

  • A copy of the parallel application to the FWO unless you do not meet the formal requirements for FWO funding. (e.g., predoctoral researchers who do not yet have an international publication).
  • The invitation by the guest institution

How to apply for reimbursement after approval