FBW curriculum - how to submit?

How to submit a personal curriculum?

Deadline = 1st of October

Step 1: First read the general curriculum regulations and GIT-regulations!

  • The page "Curriculum regulations" contains an overview of the do's and don'ts when putting together a personal curriculum. 
  • If you have not yet obtained your bachelor's degree or the certificate from the linking course/preparatory program, GIT-regulations also apply when putting together the curriculum.

If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact your learning track counsellor.

Step 2: Choose your courses

  • You can find the structure of your program and information about the courses in study guide  of UGent.
  • In the study guide you will also find the general timetables (tab "programme summary", bar "full programme").

Step 3: Submit a personal curriculum proposal in OASIS

  • Log in on OASIS-website. The start page opens; if necessary change to Student (in the grey banner on the top of the window).
  • Enroll – if not done yet– for the next academic year
    • You can re-enrol online from the day after your proclamationMore about re-enrolment
      • Deadline is 30 September! After that day you need the permission of the Curriculum Committee that will require a correct, academically acceptable, justified explanation for late re-enrolment.
    • Go to the menu General Information and select the menu option Enrolments.
    • In the box showing your current programme and number of ECTS to achieve, click on Enrol
    • Complete the form and click on Confirm Enrolment. Confirm once more by clicking Yes
  • Compose your curriculum
    • Go to the menu AY 2023-2024 - Curriculum and select the menu option Edit Curriculum (LA)
    • Select Curriculum in the column Action to open your curriculum
    • In the window that opens, edit your curriculum
    • In the "actions" column, click on the pencil icon. You will see an overview of courses in the module. By using the plus and minus signs, you can modify your curriculum.
      • After you have completed your curriculum, click save and close
  • Submit your proposal for approval

! After submitting, the status of your curriculum proposal changes from draft to proposal ! Once the status has changed to proposal you cannot edit your proposal anymore. So, as long as your proposal is not final, do not submit !

    • If your curriculum proposal is final, submit it for approval before the 1st of October. Select the study programme of which you want to submit your curriculum by checking the check box in the left column.
    • Click the button "Submit for approval"
    • The submitted curriculum (status proposal) will be evaluated by the curriculum committee.

I am enrolled. Where can I find my enrolment certificate, transcript of records,  and other documents? 

Video-instruction "download your examination results and other certificates"

How to change course in an established curriculum? 

Any requests to change an established curriculum (i.e. adding and/or removing course units) need to be submitted by the student to the Curriculum Committee  by e-mail (contact person: Learning Track Counsellor).


  • Changing first-term course units: apply for a change before 15 November
  • Changing second-term course units and year course units: apply for a change before 1 March 

Who can I contact if i have questions about my curriculum?

Contact your Learning Track Counsellor if you have questions on the procedure, regulations or if you want to change an established curriculum.