Master's dissertation presentation


The master dissertation defence is always organized in the host institute of the main promotor. The main promotor and the student should be physically present at the location of the defence, and the location of the defence should be at the institution of the main promotor.


The report of the master dissertation must be defended orally in front of your promotor and jury members. The jury asks several questions generating an interactive discussion with the student.

The defence has a double purpose: to offer clarification and to test to what extent you have mastered what you have written.

You get 10 minutes to present your master's dissertation to the reading committee and your promotor. This is followed by 15 minutes of interactive discussion.

The defence is conducted in English.

After the defence, the Dissertation Examination Committee evaluates and gives a final score based on the scores of the jury members on the written work, the scores of the promotor for the students’ performance during the preparation of the Dissertation, the quality of the presentation and the way the student has answered the questions.

Feedback to the student follows immediately after this evaluation.