Exemptions in English taught master's programmes at FBW

If you hold credit certificates, previously acquired qualifications, an aptitude certificate on the grounds of previously acquired competencies,  you may request the Curriculum Committee to be exempted from certain course units of the study programme in question. You cannot apply for exemption based on a fail mark or a deliberated/tolerated course. 

The regulations on exemptions can be found in Article 29 of the Education and Examination Code.


Please take into account the following deadlines for exemption applications

  • for first-term course units: 14 November
  • for second-term and full-year course units: last day of February

Applying for exemptions via OASIS

  1.  Go to Oasis and register or sign up as a (prospective) student.
    On the Curriculum Tab, click ‘Exemptions’ in the left-hand menu.
  2. Use the ‘Add Application’ button to start a new application and fill out all the requested information. Check (or complete) your precedents and select the appropriate study programme.
  3. Add one or more course units for which you want to request an exemption.
  4. Add one or more course units on the grounds of which you request this exemption and include all the requested information.
  5. Attach all the requested documents to substantiate your application. 
  6. Add remarks and/or a motivation to your application (if necessary).
  7. Before you submit your application, be sure to check whether all the information you have provided is correct, and whether all the required attachments have been added.

Upon submission, you can monitor the status of your application via Oasis. You will receive an email notification as soon as your application has been amended and/or processed.

Manual applying for exemptions (pdf).

Additional requirements at the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering

Make sure that your application file is complete ! The curriculum does not request additional information when noticed that the file is incomplete or that the necessary evidence is not sufficient.  Incomplete files will not be evaluated.

- It's up to the student to prove that the content and learning outcomes realized in a course unit have already been acquired. It is not up to the Curriculum Committee of the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering to  search for equivalences.

- Requested documents to substantiate your application (mandatory !)

  1. Official transcript of records (in English or Dutch)
  2. Official course sheets (in English or Dutch) that provide sufficient information on the level, end competences (learning outcomes) and content of the previously acquired course unit. The course sheet must date from the academic year that the credit was achieved.
    • if the above requested documents are in another language than English/Dutch provide a sworn translation. Self-translated documents are not accepted.
    • if you do not have the official course sheets, contact the responsible teacher of that course to ask for a document stating the level, content and end compentences of the course. 
  3. Fill in this file  correctly and add it to your exemption application in OASIS (one file per course you want an exemption for)

Notice, we do not accept as proof:

  • self-translated documents 
  • unoffical documents that provide information on the course </span
  • course schedules and week plans

Replacement of the exempted course unit

When, in accordance with Article 29 of the Education and Examination Code, an exemption is granted for a (n elective) course unit, the faculty cannot impose an alternative course unit.

The one exception to this are exemptions that have been granted based on a credit certificate for course units from a Bachelor's programme with direct admission into an initial Master’s programme, or course units from the preparatory or academic bridging programme for said Master’s programme. In such cases the Curriculum Committee may impose alternative course units for at least the same amount of credits as the exempted course units.

If you have been granted an exemption for an optional course in the master’s program based on a course from the bachelor’s program that allowed you to register directly for the master’s program, then the exempted course unit will be registered in the curriculum. However, you will be required to select another elective subject of at least the same number of credits as the exempted elective subject, as per article 42 of the Education and Examination Code.

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