What to do in case of absence

Lessons and exercises

  • You do not have to report a short period of illness that only has an impact on theoretical lessons.
  • In the event of a long-term illness, you can apply for a special status for exceptional social or personal circumstances.
  • For some courses where attendance is required (practics or exercises) you need to inform the lecturer-in-charge immediately. If possible, the lecturer may impose a compensatory activity.


  • In the case of justified absence (Legitimate reasons for absence ; Education and examination code Art. 75) a catch-up exam within the same examination period is made in consultation with the lecturer-in-charge.
  • Unjustified absence: you will be registered absent for the evaluation involved and declared failed for the course unit.


  • Immediately inform your internship mentor and register your absence to inform the internship coordinator.

Proof of absence

What is a valid medical certificate?

In case of an overlap in your exam schedule, upload your exam schedule as proof.


Please note, certificates are not accepted if they only report the student’s explanation (i.e. dixit notes) or if they were drawn up after the day of the illness or accident (i.e. certificates after the event).

Register your absence

Campus Gent (Coupure and Schoonmeersen)

  • Register your absence via the online tool Absent and, in case of justified absence,  add a (medical) certificate of proof no later than three working days. You hold on to the original copy.
  • Procedure for non UGent courses: 

Immediately inform the exam secretariat of your absence via fsa.fbw@ugent.be with the lecturer-in-charge in cc. 

In the event of justified absence, submit a (medical) proof of absence, Contact the examiners involved at the latest on the day of the exam/evaluation itself with the question whether a catch-up exam is possible.

Campus Kortrijk