Ghent biotech company develops new strategy for the treatment of cancer and fibrosis

(20-11-2023) The new Ghent biotech company Amalus Therapeutics, a spin-off from Ghent University, is developing a promising strategy for the treatment of cancer and fibrosis.

They selectively target corrupt fibroblast cells that play a negative role in these conditions. The company is supported by the BioInnovation Institute, an initiative backed by the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

Amalus Therapeutics builds on the work of Ghent University researchers Christian Stevens and Bart Roman, who will become CEO and CSO, respectively, at the new company. Their innovative approach has the potential to significantly improve the prospects of patients with cancer and fibrotic disorders. It can selectively deradicalize 'corrupt' fibroblasts without disrupting normal fibroblasts, which is the case with other drugs in development.

Dominic De Groote, CBO of Amalus Therapeutics, adds: “Our products have already shown very good results in laboratory animal models, such as normalizing the tumor environment, inhibiting metastases and activating the immune system. Furthermore, our approach offers the potential to enhance the effect of standard therapies in oncology. Such strategies are in high demand because they ensure a better outcome for the patient, while doctors can build on a trusted treatment.”

The young biotech company is already in the international spotlight: Amalus Therapeutics was recently nominated for the 'One-to-Watch Award', a label awarded by the Oxford Business Network from the United Kingdom to promising, innovative startups in the life sciences.