06-07-2021 Circular toilet in Ghent recycles urine of visitors
01-07-2021 Spin-off boosts aquaculture and hydroculture yield through microbiome analysis
30-06-2021 Understanding the impact of climate change? Measure, measure and measure again!
30-06-2021 New research project will develop optimised biogas from synthetic communities of bacteria
03-06-2021 Liesbeth Jacxsens and Mieke Uyttendaele receive Rotary Science Award
04-05-2021 Faculty researchers on the climate scientists list
23-04-2021 How does plastic affect our health?
21-04-2021 Which toxic substances are in your coffee cup? Help us to assess it!
19-04-2021 NEMEDUSSA: new project on nematodes in Sub-Sahara Africa
13-04-2021 Biostatisticians at our faculty help to predict the spread of corona
28-03-2021 Methusalem funding expands researchers' horizons
19-03-2021 Honorary doctorates to Iain Stewart and Dave Goulson
11-03-2021 Patrick Van Damme becomes dean of the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences in Prague
02-03-2021 'Hypergravity treatment': can wounds heal more quickly despite stress?
18-02-2021 Inventor of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, receives honorary doctorate from Ghent University
11-02-2021 Research CMM great leap forwards in uncovering atomic geometry next-gen materials
10-02-2021 Expedition Antarctica: chasing the clouds
05-02-2021 Professor Els Van Damme receives International Glycoconjugate Award
28-01-2021 RNAi-based products: a sustainable alternative to hazardous pesticides
06-01-2021 Ghent University and VIB to build a global network on plant biotechnology and breeding
23-12-2020 20 of 2020: Céline learned to sail this year, so that she could get to Belgium
16-12-2020 Already a decade of climate-neutral farming in Belgium
16-12-2020 Virtual New Year's moment
14-12-2020 PHD Student Fien Waegenaar wins the Water Technology Award
03-12-2020 Jorien Favere receives the Ernest du Bois prize
02-12-2020 Human Rights Week focusses on colonial legacies and processes of decolonization
02-12-2020 Tracking dogs detect corona better than tests
18-11-2020 25 Ghent University researchers are 'Highly Cited Researcher 2020'
05-11-2020 The genome of the tomato russet mite
02-10-2020 Wanted: the best idea to make our society more sustainable
28-08-2020 Watch the start of the academic year at the Ghent University Global Campus
21-08-2020 Urban Biorefinery Program
04-06-2020 "Our platform gives the development of new antibiotics a turbo boost"
15-05-2020 Plant biodiversity in European forests is declining
04-05-2020 Internal election results announced
27-04-2020 Studying the impact of COVID-19 on students
27-04-2020 Vote in the internal elections
08-11-2019 Join forces for cancer research during De Warmste Week