Guidelines for your dissertation

General guidelines

  • Your dissertation should be a standalone publication in book form.
  • A compilation of peer-reviewed scientific papers is allowed.
  • If two or more publications which are closely related are used as separate chapters in the doctoral dissertation, it is advised that these are partially rewritten so that repetitions are avoided (especially with respect to the introduction, materials and methods).

Obligatory content

  • an abstract in Dutch
  • a list of abbreviations
  • one uniform (compiling) reference list
  • a resume or Curriculum Vitae of the candidate
  • an introductory chapter and additional linking texts between chapters (papers) if the dissertation consists of a compilation of papers
  • acknowledgements of financing institutions



  1. Install the font Panno Text (only for your cover)
  2. Design your cover with this Powerpoint template (Size: 16 x 24cm)
  3. Save the result as pdf


  • Use font Arial
  • Page 1: no requirements.
  • Page 2: at the bottom, aligned left:
    • name and institution of promoters
    • name of the dean
    • name of the rector


  • Cover: print on a 250g paper with a glossy coating
  • Thesis: print on circle 80g paper, 100% recycled with FSC label
  • Send your cover and thesis in pdf to the print shop, for example to University Press. Following instructions apply if you print at University Press:
    • Register on their website with your UGent-account
    • Upload your thesis and cover. Include all images you have used in your cover design as single files.
    • Printing takes no longer than 3 working days