Working student

Working student status

Students who combine their studies with a job can apply for the working student status via Oasis.

Students who have been granted the working student status can apply for facilities via email to the lecturer. Provided that the employer issues a proof of obligated presence at the work floor during the time of class, exam or feedback for which facilities were requested.

An overview of all possible facilities can be found in the faculty regulations for working students

Advice for working students

All master's programmes are fulltime education, which means that these programmes are not specifically intended for working students. However, you can successfully combine your studies at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration with a job. It's a matter of composing a flexible class schedule and having left sufficient spare time to study.

Compose an achievable curriculum

We strongly advise to take up a maximum of 15 credits per semester if you combine your studies with a fulltime job. This way, you will be able to spread the work load. This does mean, however, that the study period will be doubled, since a standard learning track consists of 30 credits per semester.

Compose a flexible class schedule

For some courses it is mandatory to attend classes (e.g. continuous assessment, group work, seminar, mandatory feedback, ...). For other courses we advise you to attend classes from time to time (e.g. when there is a guest speaker).

Check the course specifications

The course specifications can give you an idea about the course's expectations and about the evaluation methods. If the specifications mention 'continuous assessment', it means that there will be evaluations throughout the academic year (e.g. during group work, during class, writing a paper).

Contact the professor

If possible, you should attend the classes in the first week of the semester. This way, you can introduce yourself to the lecturer and ask what his/her expectations are. If you cannot attend the first classes, you can send an email to the lecturer or make an appointment in order to talk about attending classes, substitute tasks, etc.

Apply for the working student status

With the working student status you can request the lecturer to grant you certain facilities in order to help you combining your studies with a job. The professor will determine whether s/he can grant your request for facilities.

Contact the programme coordinator

Each programme is different. The programme coordinator can help you composing an achievable curriculum and indicate what you should take into account when combining studies with a job.