Edit and submit your curriculum

1. Submit your curriculum: which courses, how many credits, ...

First of all, you need to read all information about which courses you can/should follow. This is applicable to students following a standard learning track or a personal learning path: how to compose your curriculum.

2. Submit your curriculum  via Oasis

Secondly, you follow all steps to submit your curriculum in Oasis.

3. Deadlines

Do not forget to respect the deadlines with regards to submitting your curriculum.

4. Approved or refused curriculum

After submitting your curriculum, the faculty will either approve or refuse it. Read carefully what you should do next when your curriculum was approved or refused.

5. Edit your curriculum

You can add or remove courses from your curriculum after approval during the academic year, check how you can change your curriculum.

6. Support with your curriculum

If you have any questions about submitting or editing your curriculum, you can contact the programme coordinator.