Internship abroad


All internships abroad need to be registered in Oasis, please follow the guidelines.

Information about internships

For more information about internships we refer to the traineeship coordinators.

Scholarship programmes for internships

  • Erasmus Traineeship: for internships within the Erasmus area, you can receive between €379 and €529 per month depending on location and availability. The internship has to last for min. 2 months and needs to be part of your study programme. At the time of application you do not need to have found an internship already. Please make your application in Oasis (under Curriculum > Exchange).
    Next application deadline (for internships during the academic year 2024-25): February, 28th, 2024 (for internships during the 1st semester) - November, 30th 2024 (for internships during the 2nd semester).
  • You can also apply for a scholarship for internships outside of the Erasmus area. The internship has to last for min. 1 month (5 ECTS). You need to apply for this scholarship one academic year before the academic year when the internship takes place. At the time of application you do need to have found an internship already. Next application deadline (for internships during the academic year 2023-24): March, 2nd, 2024. More information.
  • Flanders Trainee Programme: for internships at an International Organisation.
  • Transuniv: Grants for Traineeships in northern France and Wallonia
  • ASEM work placement programme: Grants for traineeship in Asia
  • Erasmus+ Scholarship for internships after graduation
  • Other