Composing your curriculum - study programme (revision)

Composing your curriculum

The complete study programmes can be found in the study guide
For students with a GIT: all information on how to compose your personalised learning track and the regulations on study progress monitoring;
Below you will find the supplementary information per study programme (study programme, study programme revisions, transitional measures, ...) which you need to compose your curriculum. After that, you can submit your curriculum in OASIS.

Supplementary information (study programme, study programme revisions and transitional measures)

Master of Science in Teaching

The two-year Master of Science in Teaching started in academic year 2019-2020. It replaces the teacher training programme and is followed by students who want to become teachers.

The decree for reinforcement of the teacher training programme stipulates that 15 ECTS credits of the teaching component of the Master of Science in Teaching can be offered as an elective package in the preceding bachelor's programme. Students who have followed this package in the bachelor can go straight to the Master of Science in Teaching.