Personalised learning track (GIT)

If your curriculum deviates from the standard learning track (modeltraject, MOT) specified in the study guide (= usually 60 ECTS credits per academic year), you can follow a personalised learning track (geïndividualiseerd traject, GIT).

When is a personalised learning track (GIT) necessary or possible?

  • You did not pass the standard learning track in the previous academic year and you are retaking the remaining course units of your year, or you are already taking up some course units of a later year of study.
  • You are taking up fewer ECTS credits due to personal reasons (e.g. because you have a functional impairment or because you are combining work and study).  
  • You have obtained exemptions (e.g. on the basis of a previously obtained diploma).

A personalised learning track (GIT) gives you the opportunity – even if you did not pass the entire standard learning track – to already take up a number of course units from a later year of the standard learning track. This way, your study progress does not stagnate and you can sometimes even avoid an extra year of study.

However, in order to take a personalised learning track (GIT), you have to take into account a number of rules and guidelines that are meant to encourage you to make well-considered choices and to help you put together a feasible curriculum. This wil increase your chances of succeeding in your chosen study programme and will maximise your success rate.

Before you compose your personalised learning track (GIT), it is important to read:

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