Languages and Cultures

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African Languages and Cultures

African Linguistics and Literary Studies (L99)l99b

L91.jpgAfrican Studies (L91)

L99a.jpgSwahili and African Languages (L99A)

East European Languages and Cultures

Applied Language Studies – 831.646 Translation into Russian (L22.831.646)

Romanian Literary Studies: Romance Linguistics – Romanian Literature (L14D.LR)

Slavonic Studies (L90)Faculteitsbibliotheek, 2017.

Oriental Languages and Cultures

Applied Language Studies - Translation into Turkish (L22.831.648)

L13.jpgIndology (L13)

L94a.jpgJapanology (L94A)

Faculteitsbibliotheek 2012.Near Eastern and Islamic Studies (L88)

Sinology (L94)L94.jpg

L87.jpgTurkish studies (L87)

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