In this project, new ways to organize creative and cultural projects are examined. Within this KMO-dienstenportefeuille project (Enterprise Flanders), commissioned by i-Ball, new ways to organize creative and cultural projects are examined. By using a website, platform or application initiators are offered a toolkit called Coxo to organize cultural activities.


We intend to aim at culture enthusiasts who organize activities themselves and who are looking for a handy tool. In the cultural sector there exist no platforms to help initiators during the different stages of the organization of a cultural event.

The existing commercial event agencies are no ideal alternative because they are rather expensive. Common lists with steps you must take to plan an event differ a lot and often there is a lack of important elements, for instance a subsidy form. Initiators demand for these additional elements.

Innovation goal

Coxo is an all-embracing platform for every step before, during and after an event. Everyone can elaborate his or her cultural passion into an event. Coxo helps in terms of organization, promotion and financing.

Coxo wants to bring people together with the same cultural interests. This platform also wants to provide support for creative people by offering specialized services. Furthermore, Coxo is a digital platform where initiators have access to a network of likeminded people, information, instruments and knowledge to develop a project in ideal circumstances.


Existing needs of the initiators, involving tools to organize events, will be plotted and compared by means of a living lab research. We investigate similar initiatives and the interest for the presented tool by an environmental scan and interviews with experts. Next a survey will be spread to investigate the adoption potential and the willingness to pay. There will be a co-design moment to brainstorm about the functionalities and realization. The concrete elaboration during this meeting will take place by means of mock-ups.

MICT will be facilitating the implementation of the State of the Art, the expert interviews, the PSAP survey and the co-design session.

Duration of the project

The project runs from 01/04/2013 - 31/12/2013.

Staff involved

  • Dimitri Schuurman
  • Sara Logghe

Financed by