Endare (a start-up supported by the venturing division of iMinds - iStart light program) develops applications for tablets. Their goal is to increase the productivity of people based on these applications. Unite, one of their first applications, focuses specifically on improving meetings.


Meetings are sometimes perceived as a waste of time since they are often ill prepared and managed. Even when the preparation is done, not everyone has access to all the required documents. Tablets should improve the efficiency since everyone has access to the required information.

Innovation goal

The goal of Unite is to replace paper and laptops by one application that gives access to all the required information. This should lead to more efficient meetings. Furthermore it is also possible to analyze the meetings (time, costs etc.). Since this is a cross-platform application, everyone is able to use this system.


An iterative approach is taken to improve the application during the research process. The goal of this research trajectory is to test different hypothesizes. Based on an environmental scan and several interviews it is possible to get an overview of the current situation. During a field trial, different companies are able to test the application and provide feedback on the concept. The next step in the research trajectory is a co-creationsession. During this creative session it is possible to validate several aspects and get input from the users. During the last step, an online survey, the market potential of this application is examined.

By means of an SME service portfolio (KMO dienstenportefeuille - Agentschap Ondernemen) they started living lab research with iMinds-iLab.o. Based on the living lab methodology the development of this concept will be tested in an iterative way.

The objective of MICT is to test different assumptions (evaluative Living Lab). Based on these results it will be possible to adjust the application and to create a product-market fit. Since this is a B2B application, it is important to convince everyone of the added value of this system.

Duration of the project

The project runs from 01/04/2013 - 31/12/2013.

Staff involved

  • Dimitri Schuurman

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