VIAA living lab case


By means of targeted digitalization and the creation of digital platforms and services, Flanders wants to conserve and unlock their heritage, knowledge and history. The Flemish institute for digital archiving (iMinds-VIAA) wants to make this data available for diverse applications.

This Living Lab research focuses specifically on the creation of an audiovisual archive for Urban Libraries and for education, by means of the online web portal iMinds-VIAA. Therefore, they collaborate with potential end users to shape the possible use cases for the platform align the needs of all stakeholders. In this research we focus on the possibilities of the digital archive for libraries and for teachers.

Innovation Goal

This Living Lab research tries to answer the following questions:

  • Which are the most interesting target groups for the VIAA-platform in both the library and the education context?
  • What are the needs, use cases and user context per target group for the VIAA-platform in both the library and education context?

MICT will provide an environmental scanning of similar initiatives and models regarding consultable audiovisual archives. We do that within an education and library context by means of a desk research and literature research. Based on previous studies on digital archiving, a State of the Art of end-users will be drafted. A number of international experts will be confronted with the results of the Environmental Scanning.

There will be three creative co-creation-sessions organized for both the education and library section, with representatives of the Lead User-profiles of previous research steps. By means of a number of stakeholder interviews from different educational networks, the previous results will be deepened.

The adoption intention of the iMinds-VIAA-platform in both library as education context will be considered by a dual online survey. In one or more libraries a demonstrator will be installed, which meets one scenario from the previous research steps. Concluding both field trials, fore co-creation-sessions will be organized. In these workshops the results of the Living Lab research will be used as a base to validate the iMinds-VIAA-platform with a number of experts from the library and education sectors.

Duration of the project

  • The project runs from 01/07/2013 - 31/12/2014

Staff involved

  • Dimitri Schuurman
  • Sara Logghe
  • Annabel Georges

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