CityZen is a Living Lab research project, instigated by Nazka mapps, aimed at the development of a ‘smart’, engaging and interactive online map. Remote sensing and GIS data are therefore combined with web and mobile applications. Data aggregation and user-friendly visualisations allow for governments, organizations companies and individuals to make the right decisions. More specifically, the CityZen project is a ‘smart platform for climate adoption’.

The goal is to connect city governments and citizens and enable common actions to fight climate change:

  • For citizens, the platform is an application that allows to make informed decisions and act differently, to think and debate together and to help in the collection data (participatory sensing).
  • For governments the platform is aimed at informing citizens (e.g. status-updates on air quality), communicating policy actions and mobilizing city inhabitants (set-up of campaigns).

iMinds-iLab.o is the independent research institution in this project.

Duration of the project

This project runs from 01/12/13 – 30/11/2014

Staff involved

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