OTN - OpenTransportNet - Spatially Referenced Data Hubs for Innovation in the Transport Sector


OTN will create collaborative virtual service hubs that aggregate, harmonize and visualize open transport-related data. OTN has chosen Transport as a cross border focus-area because it touches upon almost every facet of 21st century living, making it an ideal target for the creation of solutions that can be enhanced by location based services. OTN service delivery hubs will address the following challenges:

  • a need to better aggregate and harmonize data to improve accessibility and use
  • a need to link spatial and non-spatial data to extract value and increase accuracy
  • a need to provide innovators with easier APIs and GUIs to stimulate the creation of new services and commercial opportunities.

OTN hubs will combine spatial (GI), dynamic data streams and non-spatial (OD) data and derive insights from the data through visualization tools and pattern detection algorithms. OTN will be validated in four pilot locations: the UK, Belgium, France and the Liberic Region. The OTN solution will use a Social Enterprise Freemium business model. OTN Lite will be an open service that provides access to open data sets and an innovation environment. OTN Premium will be available for a fee that enables users access to business incubation.

Duration of the project

The project runs from 01/01/2015 - 01/07/2018.

Staff involved

  • Mathias Van Compernolle

Financed by