Further research into the video profiles from Digimeter 2019

Market introduction
Viewing behavior

The digimeter study published in February 2019 contains insights about the digitising Flemish citizen. This provides policymakers, companies and citizens with knowledge about the adoption, use and feelings that Flemish people have about all kinds of digital technologies. In this study, the video/tv landscape was also addressed. Besides some insights, a segmentation was also made of the types of video viewers in Flanders. Telenet, as a provider but also as a player in the media landscape, is interested in these profiles and would like to explore them in more depth by means of an additional survey. In this project we have therefore further investigated 3 of the 5 video profiles from the digimeter study by means of an online questionnaire. New insights complemented the current profiles and with the results we were able to indicate how a new video product could best be introduced into the market.

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Client: Telenet

Duration: July 2019