MOTFP - Museum of Things for People

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Up until today, few musea understand the actual interests of visitors, the shortcuts they might be taking, the content they might be missing out on or any insight that could help a curator in setting up the experience. The “Museum Of Things for People” project served as a preliminary investigation that ran from February to October 2019 and resulted in a living lab setup, where research can be performed from a human, technical and legal perspective.

We at imec-mict-UGent assisted both Design Museum Ghent and the Venetian Galleries in Ostend in investigating the museum experiences in order to find new ways to interact with the museum visitors. Central within this research is the HCCI-framework that disentangled the museum experience in five relevant interactions between the user and elements in the context-of-use.

First, a contextual inquiry was conducted that consisted of observations and in-depth interviews with a diverse sample of museum visitors. Hereafter, a series of co-creation workshops took place where end-users were encouraged to think of solutions for the identified points-of-pain and frustrations. In a third phase, all user and functional requirements were summarized, which resulted in a paper prototype that was tested using the Wizard-of-Oz methodology.


  • City of Ghent
  • Design Museum Gent
  • Digipolis
  • City of Oostende
  • De Krook
  • Crunch Analytics
  • AContrario
  • Pozyx

Duration: February to October 2019

Contact: dr. Peter Conradie